Stress Relief

For all my fellow quarter-system friends (maybe even semester friends), midterms are upon us, and that means you are probably drowning in work, and therefore stress. I write this because I want to remind all of you to take a deep breath before you lose your mind over something that will be very insignificant in a short amount of time.

Everything will be okay, I promise! Please do not compromise on your health, both physical and mental, because of an exam. I know it’s easier said than done, but think of a test as … just a test, not something that will determine your life, because it won’t.

I have major test anxiety, so I can totally relate. However, ever since I’ve come to college, I’m trying extremely hard to focus on learning just for the sake of learning, and not as much about my grades – I can say for a fact that I feel so much better mentally. I’m not saying grades aren’t important – of course they are. But they are not worth fretting over and losing your sanity over. Prioritize your mental state first and foremost; your brain will thank you for it.

I have composed a list of stress-relieving techniques that I personally have found to be particularly helpful; hopefully they can be of some use to you:

  • Listening to music (THIS CAN DO WONDERS!)
  • Exercise, especially running & yoga
  • Meditation & deep breathing
  • Taking a walk outside (I read an article about how greenery is very good for your mental health!)
  • Reading a book (NOT YOUR CHEMISTRY TEXTBOOK!!!)

Comment below what you do to alleviate stress, so we can help each other during the hell we call midterm season.

6 thoughts on “Stress Relief

  1. Alison Ou says:

    I eat clean food and get plenty of rest! I avoid fatty food and highly processor food so that both my body and mind feel fresh and light.

    Also, in terms of studying, I make sure to study a week ahead so I don’t need to stressfully cram.

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  2. Alison Ou says:

    I also do art! Whether it’s zantangle, doodling, craft making, crocheting, folding origami, color pencils, sketching, paper cutting, or other medias, art unleashes my imagination and relieves stress. When I focus on unfolding the creation in front of me, other thoughts fade away. I especially like making art in cafe with good music!

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