Fluffy Friends FTW

Okay so you might think that this blog post is just an excuse for me to share my love of dogs with everyone, and that is partially true. BUT, I also want to say that dogs are actually very good for mental therapy – dogs love unconditionally, provide constant companionship, and offer the perfect distraction from life’s daily stressors. Not to mention, they make for the best cuddle buddies. 🙂 

No, unfortunately, I don’t have a dog (I don’t think my university’s housing department would appreciate that). However, as soon as I graduate college and start living alone, I plan on adopting a dog from a shelter. I really think having a dog around will alleviate the feelings of depression that I experience. Also, I plan to make my future dog a therapy pet, so that he/she can not only comfort me, but also others who struggle physically and mentally. 

Here are some pictures of adorable dogs! I hope they brighten up your day just a little bit.


Midterms got us like…


HALLOWEEN IS COMING UP!!! This is what your dog could be looking for…

buddyboo-300x300    black-dog


Candid or nah


You can do outdoorsy things with your doggy! Soak in that Vitamin D, get some exercise, and bond with your fluffy friend!

Golden retriever puppy at rest

Have a wonderful week, everyone! ❤

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