Cooking: An Emotional Outlet?

Hello everyone! I’m back, after a LONG time!!!

Today, I will be sharing with you one of my emotional outlets: cooking! Yes, I absolutely love to cook. Even if it’s just chopping up vegetables—I find it so relaxing! Something about cooking engages me toward the fulfillment of a task, focuses my energy and attention away from life’s stressors, and not to mention, provides me with yummy food in return (hopefully). I am deprived of a kitchen at college, but whenever I go home, I try to spend some time in the kitchen with my mom and cook something delicious. One of my favorite things to make is Indo-Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice. In life in general, I’m not too fond of novel experiences, but when it comes to cooking, I absolutely love to experiment with recipes and new dishes.

I am aware that some people just dislike cooking – it can take a lot of time and patience and some parts of it can be tedious. However, I highly recommend you to try making something, no matter how simple it may be. As someone who’s experienced a lot of ongoing anxiety, I’ve found that cooking can be extremely therapeutic, when done as a solo activity or as a group one. So, give it a try! Maybe you’ll end up on one of those reality TV cooking shows. 😉 

Best wishes,


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