The Curse of Social Media?

I don’t think it’s inaccurate when I say that a lot of mental instability is a byproduct of social media. Social media can be used for great purposes: to communicate with loved ones, spread knowledge, and raise awareness about causes close to your heart. However, often times, the detrimental aspects of social media end up outweighing the benefits.

Social media is like a facade, I would say. We post status updates and pictures of ourselves, happy, enjoying life, surrounded by a multitude of friends and family … even if we’re actually really hurting inside. I know I am guilty of this. Others see the facade and begin to think that everyone else’s lives are perfect but theirs, and those people then also use social media to present a misleading picture of themselves, and their friends see it and begin to feel bad about themselves, and so on and so forth. It bewilders me how vicious this cycle becomes — it can ultimately lead to depression, anxiety, and feelings of worthlessness.

I think it’s absolutely wonderful that social media allows us to share the happy moments of life, but why do we not share the not-so-happy moments?

We SHOULD proudly share the not-so-happy moments of our lives, the imperfect versions of ourselves, the struggles we deal with on a daily basis. In the process, you help not only yourself, but others too. Being aware of others’ struggles creates a bond among human-beings — it reaffirms the fact that we’re not alone when dealing with life’s obstacles.

Don’t make your Facebook page an unblemished image of yourself. Make it the     Sunday-morning-in-your-pajamas-no-makeup-little-bit-cranky-very-stressed-out version of YOU!




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