Apples to Oranges

I’ve grown to really despise how the term ‘lazy’ is so loosely used. It is easy to assume that if one sleeps a lot or doesn’t go out a whole lot, he/she is lazy. However, it is imperative that we try to avoid such assumptions. The underlying cause of this ‘laziness’, or rather inactive lifestyle, can be a byproduct of poor mental health.

I find it so infuriating when people automatically attribute ‘laziness’ to an individual’s character, rather than an individual’s circumstances.

….And often times, the first thing that comes to mind when discussing this topic is the amount a person sleeps.

I sleep quite a bit in general, and I’m not ashamed of it. It’s not that I’m ‘lazy’ — I just need an adequate amount of sleep in order to feel happy, energized, and mentally strong. To be honest, without this rest, I find it extremely difficult to function at my optimal capacity.

I feel like, even today, there exists an underlying, yet unsaid judgment in society – that if you sleep a lot, somehow you are just not as good, or maybe not as strong, as those who sleep less. I’ve never really understood this, but then again, I’ve always had a tendency to sleep more, so I may simply be biased.

I empathize with those who require a lot of sleep for the sake of their mental and emotional well-being. I get it. It’s so important that you never let someone make you feel inferior because of it though; not everyone will be able to understand, and that’s OK.

You cannot compare the lifestyles of two people – these two people are inherently different, endowed with a different set of limitations, embarking on different journeys.

So, let’s not compare apples to oranges.

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