About Me

Hello everyone!

I am a third-year college student, studying Statistics and Cognitive Science. I am extremely passionate about statistics (obviously), psychology, and the combination of those two! My ultimate goal is to pursue a career, possibly in technology, that utilizes both of these fields!

DSC_2936I love traveling and nature – I find these two things to be extremely therapeutic. Also, even though I am a very introverted person by nature, I am very fond of performing arts – I sang in my school choir for 7 years and have learned both classical Indian and Bollywood dance. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, watching movies, reading suspense books, and stalking fluffy, little dogs on Instagram – no, I’m not a weirdo (well, maybe a little). I just really love dogs, and I don’t have one of my own, which will change as soon as I graduate from college.

I’m basically a human-being who wants to do some good for the world, no matter how small. I thought writing a blog would be an effective way for me to achieve this. My best friends – my family – inspired me to start a blog on mental health. 🙂 

I hope my blog adds something to your life, whatever it may be.

Lots of love and wishes for wonderful mental health.